It’s Stihl the Best

Stihl outdoor power products are the number one selling gas powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America! The quality value make this line a great choice for any outdoor need. In addition to the traditional gas powered products, the battery powered line features three tiers of performance, so you can find the right family of products for your needs. Whether you’re a landscaping professional or an occasional use homeowner, STIHL battery tools have the power to get the job done on a single charge, and to do it as well as gas-powered products.

Shop Stihl battery products in person at Twins Ace or online at

Stihl products are not sold in big box stores, but only servicing dealers like Twins Ace Hardware.

STIHL tools are German-engineered, and a majority of them, built in America.* From legendary chainsaws, dependable trimmers, powerful blowers and industry-leading construction tools, a STIHL is designed for reliability. And built for the long haul. And that’s why so many people recommend them, and use them.


2 Comments on “It’s Stihl the Best

  1. Awesome post. I want to share one more thing.

    These are seriously underwhelmed by the guts of that….l wouldn’t consider that remotely commercial quality

    Yep, it is by no means commercial quality. But they definetly have their advantages that make up for that. If one of these tools fail you can go straight in to the Sthil dealer and get a new one as they are priced accordingly and they tend to have them in stock. The convenience may still be worth it. Also it has become apparent to me I haven’t been maintaining them properly, now that I know what I know I reckon I will get a better run from them. Still early days though.

    Keep up the good work…



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